Quality Monitoring Program

The goal of the Quality Monitoring Program is to provide confidence to markets and regulators that CEIV credential holders are performing high quality valuations in compliance with the requirements of the MPF.  All CEIV credential holders are subject to the CEIV Quality Monitoring Program. The Program encompasses a combination of ongoing credential maintenance requirements and the completion of an annual Quality Compliance Assessment to evaluate whether core areas of the MPF are being properly implemented and followed.  

Quality Monitoring Process 

The Quality Monitoring Program includes the following elements: 

  • Evaluation of the implementation of and compliance with the requirements of the MPF through completion and submission of the annual CEIV Quality Compliance Assessment; 
  • Review for compliance with CEIV credential maintenance requirements as outlined above; and
  • Investigation of complaints or potentially damaging information in the public domain (if any).

Three-Tiered Approach to Quality Monitoring Program  

The minimum key steps of the Quality Monitoring Program involves a three-tiered approach that includes:
1) administration of the CEIV Quality Compliance Assessment;
2) a formal interview to corroborate unresolved questions surrounding the completion of the Assessment (if necessary); and
3) submission to a relevant VPO’s investigation or ethics enforcement procedures in cases of egregious non-compliance with CEIV program requirements. 

Please refer to our CEIV Handbook for detailed information on the CEIV Quality Monitoring Program.