Frequently Asked Questions for CEIV™ Certification

  • What is the CEIV credential?

  • To which types of engagements does the CEIV credential apply?

  • Who may obtain the CEIV Credential?

  • What is the Mandatory Performance Framework?

  • What VPOs are currently approved to support the CEIV credential?

  • What type of educational courses will I be required to undertake in order to obtain the CEIV credential?

  • Will I need to take an Examination or Assessment in order to obtain the CEIV credential?

  • What are the minimum experience requirements in order to apply for the CEIV?

  • Is there an Experienced Entry Pathway?

  • Will my qualifying fair value measurement experience also satisfy experience requirements for baseline VPO membership?

  • What does "qualifying fair value measurement experience" mean?

  • How do I register for the CEIV Course (BV401)?

  • What happens if I don’t pass the CEIV Exam?

  • I already have an Accredited Member (AM) or Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) designation with ASA in business valuation. What do I need to do to obtain the CEIV credential?

  • I am not a member of a Valuation Professional Organization (VPO). Can I still obtain the CEIV credential?

  • I have a valuation credential from another organization. Will my credential count toward the CEIV requirements?

  • Is it possible to fulfill VPO membership requirements concurrently with CEIV education and experience requirements?

  • Are there ongoing requirements for maintaining the CEIV credential?

  • What will the Quality Monitoring Program entail?

  • What will happen if deficiencies are found in the Quality Monitoring Program?

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