CEIV Experience Requirements

Individuals must have 3,000 hours of experience related to business and intangible asset fair value measurements over the 10 years prior to applying for the CEIV credential with at least half of the hours (1,500) earned in the preceding 5 years. This experience may include auditor specialist valuation reviews of fair value measurements prepared by a third party or by management; firm review of fair value measurements prepared by a firm’s valuation team; signing valuation reports; performing, mentoring, supervising, and managing fair value measurement engagements; and consulting on, instructing, authoring and developing thought leadership and staff development on fair value measurement matters.

Experience Documentation

Letter of attestation by
partner/supervisor/past supervisor
Letter of attestation by peer
(if partner/supervisor is not available)*

* If a partner, supervisor, past supervisor or peer is not available, please submit a log of your experience in lieu of an attestation letter.

Note: Information on the CEIV credential is subject to change until the designation launches.